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February 2016



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Alexia Ball

Alexia Character Study

"Many a gentleman had likened his first meeting with her to downing a very strong cognac when one was expecting to imbibe fruit juice - that is to say, startling and apt to leave one with a distinct burning sensation." ~ Soulless
"She was the type of woman who, if thrown into a briar patch, would start to tidy it up by stripping off all the thorns." ~ Blameless

General Description: Black hair, slightly curly (usually worn up), tan skin tone (coffee colored), large dark brown eyes, nose on the large size (Roman-hook), generous mouth, tall, and very curvy.

Other things to note: arches eyebrow, talks a lot, very animated, gesticulates with her hands, mostly sarcastic or suspicious, not smiley.

Here is a collection of images that remind me of Alexia.

Ruffle Parasol Umbrella

English Women's Clothing in the Nineteenth Century

Brocade shoes

Black Lace Parasol
Thousand Miles Up the Nile


now, that is a proper Library!
In the opening of Soulless that's the library I pictured for the vampire treacle tart incident.
Oh yes, that would fit. It is far too normal for where I'd picture our friend Akeldama...
ah, that explains the slightly darker spot on the carpet!
He he he. I hadn't noticed that, but you are right!
Who is the lady in the photo? -- exactly how I picture Alexia.
That's Italian actress Sabrina Impacciatore I used her as my Alexia model.
I am loving this character study idea. I can't wait for the others!
this is so great! the woman on the first picture looks exactly how i pictured alexia in my head! (so does the ruffle parasol.)
and also the library looks exactly like the one i imagined in the beginning of soulless where alexia kills the vampire dude!
This is very helpful! I've been thinking about doing some fanarts for Soulless and much as I like going from descriptions, it never hurts to have more Author-information about how they perceive their own chars. :)
When I write, I try to do the character study as well. I believe it’s useful (and necessary) to know very well your own characters, so you can write freely and more relaxed (or so I think…).

Sabrina Impacciatore is really pretty, I pictured Alexia just like her (maybe a little curvier) and that library is simply perfect!

By the way, I really love the English Women’s Clothing book, I can spend hours trying to decide the outfits for my female characters.

I can't wait to read the character studies of Lord Akeldama and Lord Maccon ;) .


Alexia Characterization

I would like to add Indira Varma to the list of possible actresses to play Alexia!