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February 2016



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Blogging - WIth Computer

Lord Akeldama Character Study

Alexia looked uncomfortable. "I know!" She was wondering how a hive might react to a preternatural in their midst. Not very kindly, she suspected. She worried her lower lip. "I simply must speak with Lord Akeldama."
Miss Hisselpenny looked, if possible, even more worried. "Oh really, must you? He is so very outrageous."
~ from Soulless

The ancient vampire sashayed forward to greet her, both arms extended, dressed in his version of the "casual gentleman at home." For most men of means and taste, this meant a smoking jacket, opera scarf, long trousers, and soft-soled derbies. For Lord Akeldama, this meant that the jacket was of pristine white silk with black embroidered birds of some lean oriental persuasion splashed about, the scarf a bright peacock patterned teal, the trousers the latest in tight fitting black jacquard; and the shoes cut in a flashy wingtip style with a black and white spectator coloration that was held by many to be rather vulgar.
~ from Changeless

"My darling Chamomile Button!" he wrote. "I received your card, and given certain recent intelligence, it has occurred to me that you may be in ever-increasing need of accommodation but were far too polite to request it openly. Let me tender my most humble offer, to the only person in all of England currently thought more outrageous than myself. You would be welcome to share my unworthy domicile and hospitality, such as they are. Yours, et cetera, Lord Akeldama."
~ from Blameless

Professor Lyall continued. "Lord Akeldama seemed the best solution."
Lord Maccon wrinkled his nose at that and huffed derisively.
Professor Lyall, Lord Akeldama, and Lady Maccon all pretended not to hear.
~ teaser from Heartless

Original Notes
Long Blond Hair
Effeminate/Pixie Features
Blue Eyes
Says "LA"
Definitely older than 400

Drones Include:
Viscount Trizdale (Tizzy)
Emmet Wilberforce Bootbottle-Fipps (Boots)

Lord Akeldama likes to dress with Rococo Influence. His house is very lavish full of gilded furniture, shepherdess carpets of Georgian style, and frescoed walls with cherubs engaging in salacious activities. I did a blog design board for his house.

Here is a collection of images that remind me of Lord Akeldama.




Lord Akeldama engages in the public column advising on fashion and love. Dear Lord Akeldama
The Mad Hatter interviews Lord Akeldma.

And some new thoughts and sketches of Lord Akeldama


oooh, lovely pictures.

(there's someone I know at work who reminds me a lot - a lot - of Lord Akeldama. If I had to define why, I'd say it was a mix of fabulousness and scandal.)
Dear Lord, ever since I first encountered Prince Poppycock that's how I've imagined Lord Akeldama.
You are not alone in this.
Prince Poppycock is very like Lord Akeldama, I concur.
Oh, so very FUN!!! Thanks heaps for sharing this delightful montage!
I am looking forward to Heartless!
In short, one of the pooftah tribe. :D
Not mentioned, so I'll ask.

Is Akeldama gay or has he just been around long enough (and done enough) that he has transcended the traditional sexual dynamic?
most aweome and yummy post yet :D
Lovely images, Lord Akeldama is my absolute favourite character.

I've always thought he and Lord Rochester from Plunkett and Macleane would get on quite well. Or possibly scratch each others eyes out after five minutes aquaintance who can say!
Prince Poppycock! Yes, he's the one. But that Austin Scarlett would make a good Akeldama too.
I've pictured him looking like Hugh Laurie did in 'Blackadder III' as Prince George, but your montage has really brought him into focus in a direct way for me.

Thank you for this.
This was wonderful!
When I first started reading the series, I pictured Lord Akeldama in the form of Austin Scarlet, while my friend favored Prince Poppycock.

Will you be doing this for more of the characters? I really enjoyed this.
There are more on the DVD extras page of my Website: Alexia, Conall, and Ivy so far. About half way down, below the People & Places sketches.http://www.gailcarriger.com/alexias_london.php
You are not the first to mention this connection. I must re-watch the movie. I don't remember much.
omg! two things I like (paul bettany and lord Akeldama) packed into one blog post! plus a teaser!

thank you
i know, commenting your own comment is tacky, huh? but I remembered that there is another character that kinda reminds me of lord akeldama... david bowie in labyrinth.

Oh my goodness, I *just* finished reading Soulless and have never read anything that was so sexy yet, at the same time, made me laugh out loud! Kudos to you! It's been a long time since I read something that so engaged me. :D
Thank you!
You know, after reading this post yesterday I think I dreamed about him last night - and I haven't even read the books yet ... I'm hoping Santa thinks I've been a good enough girl to include them in my stocking. And since stockings are involved, to judge from what I've read here, I assume Lord Akeldam would approve :OP
Oh, Percy Blakeney! From the moment I reached a scene in Soulless that included Lord Akeldama, I saw the similarities between the two. It is so wonderful to know that you had the same in mind, mm, they're both such wonderful characters.
Thank you! I'm delighted the similarities came across.
I so did not see this when it was actually posted but OMG PAUL BETTANY YES HE IS PERFECT. Ahem. As is Anthony Andrews as Percy. Gorgeous and hurrah and I may have squeed aloud when I saw this post.
Glad you approved the choice. I always figured he was the kind of actor who wouldn't mind playing a flaming gay character.