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February 2016



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More on the Soulless Manga!

The Soulless manga continues to be marvelous fun. I shall taunt you ruthlessly (and in a bad French accent) by saying that I have seen the first three chapters. They are sooooo good! (Can you see me twilling an imaginary moustache at you? Twirl, twirl.)

Here is ze cover art!

You can see a sample of the first 11 pages of Chapter One! Eeek! It is over on the Facebook Parasol Protectorate Fan Page!

I do hope you like it!

My art director tells me that the online magazine is available world wide and that the print version of the manga will be available in US, UK, Australia, and Canada.

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BIG FAT SPOILER ALERT! Really, DON'T READ THE BLURB ON AMAZON if you haven't read the other books first!

Book News:
Novels on the Run Reviews Soulless

Quote of the Day:
"However, on the whole, time passed pleasantly enough; we were all sociably inclined, and lived on purely communistic principles, in a general exchange of civilities. Everybody was welcome to the belongings of everybody else; we used each other's chair, rugs, wraps, and even made occasional walking sticks of one another's husbands."
~ Lillias Campbell Davidson, Hints to Lady Travellers, 1889
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Much better than I had ever hoped for!
The manga is gorgeous! Me wants oh so badly.
I don't even read manga but I must have that!

In all seriousness, it really is looking quite lovely. I like the saucy look of Alexia, it's very suiting to her personality.

Oooh, Varsities

I started with them and now I use Platinum Preppies that I've converted to eyedropper-styles. I fill 'em with gorgeous fountain pen ink. They're so cheap I can have a handful with different colors.
From what I can see it seems wondrous!
I don't suppose you could post the other 10 pages elsewhere for those rare creatures, the Lesser Spotted Teenager Who Doesn't Have Facebook?
I know, for serious she is showing quite a lot of boobage for a lady.
Oh my goodness it is gorgeous! I checked out the preview on Facebook and I must say that I love how lusty and busty Alexia is. I cannot wait to see this in print.
Great. Now I have to read the whole series over again. Like I have time for that!

Also, I have never really gotten into Manga, but this is awesome!
Varsity? Totally yay! Been using them since a teacher introduced them to me in 5th grade.

I also like the Pilot V7 and the Zebra F-701 which is completely stainless steel and an amazing pen.

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Lovely cover art. Actually, my first reaction was, "Oooh, pretty stripey dress!" I need to make myself another pretty stripey dress since I sold my last one.
Wow - They gave her quite a few color pages too. Well, as one of the folks who found your story because of the YenPress insert, I think this is a nice follow-up and REM is a very good artist who really deserves to have been picked for the project.

One thing I really am curious about is how are you involved? Are you scripting and helping set up the panels or is the artist largely working with the Yen editor to decide what to show and how to renarrate the story? For one thing, I love the way Maccon blushes a bit around Alexia. That small insertion to the image tells us quite a bit about their attraction (actually it cues us in a little earlier than I think the book did ;) )

The only other thing I have to say is that I want to buy it in print and not subscribe to YenPress to see the rest and the other two chapters. Any idea what the street date for volume 1 is?

(And uh, you know, I already can tell people are going to be shipping Lyall and Maccon. Oh boy. )
Essentially I have veto power. They scrip and draw from the book without my input and then clear each chapter through me. I'm pretty hands off, and only really comment if I feel they missed something that has to be included for Long Arc reasons, or if they get a point of etiquette wrong. Sometimes I make a suggestion on sketching to make the world-building clearer (I asked for there to be a "sound" when Alexia's power activates). Sometimes, I suggest edits to the dialogue to make it snappier. I'm usually on them about including more steampunk elements. I also had a say in the initial artist choice and the preliminary sketches.

I don't have an exact date for the print release. All I know is what I listed above: Spring 2012. As soon as I know an exact date I'll post it here and on my website. No one wants to know more then me, I promise!
Is this different from the manga adaptation available in Japan? Or is it a translation? I notice the cover art is quite different, but I haven't ordered the available volumes yet to compare the first pages.
There is no manga adaptation in Japan, the cover art I've blog about before is a TRANSLATION. This is the only manga.
UWAAAAAH! I love this! :D:D:D:D
Yen Press are distributed by Hachette, I think.

If so, score... I can get at work!

Sometimes I really love working in a book shop... =)

The artwork looks fantastic. Can't wait!
Yes!!! 11 pages of pure awesomeness ♥♥♥ And that colorful opening is such a lovely surprise! Can Spring 2012 come now, please? I need the complete volume in my hands! *g*
This looks amazing! For some reason I'm not able to see any page past the first on the facebook page though? It keeps refreshing and telling me to 'like' it...
The Parasol Protectorate Facebook group has a debug discussion of this problem. It's a facebook thing.
Gail, that cover art is GORGEOUS!! Such a perfect picture.

The cat on the train is also a win. :-)

"Soulless" cover art

That there is one ferocious looking wolf!

Re: "Soulless" cover art

I'm hoping it's Lord Maccon. Although it would be awesome if he were twice as big xD
ekk!! ::must have::

Do you know the release dates for the UK by any chance?
Print = same as US, Spring 2012. Not date yet. Online = now.
Oh, this looks brilliant - can't wait!
I finally got the chance to read Heartless. Loved it. Really wonderfully done and the twist at the end had me laughing out loud. Thanks for another great read.
Marvelous, so glad you enjoyed it.

Um... I hate to be stupid, but...

Doesn't Alexia touching a werewolf make him human again, whether she's wearing gloves or not? In short, shouldn't this picture be unable to happen?

Re: Um... I hate to be stupid, but...

Wait for it . . . .
I have to say I'm astonished at how freaking pretty all the characters are. I've always assumed Alexia would be an exotic beauty rather than a classical one (the way the Loontwill women are), but she's really strikingly gorgeous in here. Hell, if she's a 26-year old spinster, than I want to be one too! Point of fact, I am. Sweet :) Now for dresses with low decollatage, and perchance I will attract my own Lord Maccon someday.

In all seriousness, though, I love love LOVE the artwork :) It's all very accurate looking (regarding the time period), though I could wish for more scenes with the infamous parasol. It took me a while to figure out that while this is getting published in manga format, the reading direction is American. I'm so used to reading non-flipped manga that it surprised me to see this in traditional format. Either way, it's awesome! Now I'm off to the facebook page to once again read over the delightful preview!
The cover art is beautiful, thanks for sharing!

Okay, this is a bit off topic, but I'm reading "Heartless" right now and I just wanted to tell you that I enjoy it very much. It's fun, I like the mystery and I think it's a good idea to give Ivy a more active part. Thanks for writing (again)such an entertaining book! ^_^

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