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February 2016



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Lord Akeldama

Dear Lord Akeldama: The 2011 Edition, Part Eleven

My darling Gentle Reader, yesterday was a bumper of a day. With your help Soulless wormed its little way to the top of the Kindle pile.

And I finished my latest pass of edits!

To celebrate I have taken a moment to consult with the Good Vampire and present to you a long awaited . . .
Dear Lord Akeldama: The 2011 Edition, Part Eleven

denisetwin asks ~
What are your thoughts regarding Monarchies vs Elected Officials? Do you feel term limits for elected officials are the best way to avoid the "power corrupts" situations that seem to lead to despots/nepotism in power or is there a better way in your opinion? Do you feel differently on this subject when it comes to a supernatural Council vs human politics?
My goodness gracious me, pudding drop, what a terribly dour question. I suppose if you asked me to consider it with any gravitas my temptation is to say it is entirely dependent upon the individual. The key, in either case, to to place into power a person who's natural character in one who does not wish to rule, and yet who has had an upbringing of strict adherence to ethics and responsibility. Inexcusably dull chaps as a general rule, but responsible and duty bound. And no poets. Poets should never be given any power whatsoever.

beezlefishy asks ~
How did you feel about the fashions of the Elizabethan era? And what are your thoughts on the corset falling out of use in modern times?
Now, my darling fishy-one, do you know the doggerel on Our Fair Bess? She was very lacking, as one might say, in the operatic endowments arena. The fashions of the day rather followed this trend, and while no one would ever accuse me of being a poodlefaker, I appreciate when a female has curves rather than not. I did think the fashions for gentlemen were quite delightful, so very many details and sumptuous fabrics and bejewelments.
As to the lack of corset in the modern day, a tragedy I dare say for female kind. Good posture is a thing of the past, not to mention various back pains and other sufferings that result of a woman spending most of her life . . . unsupported. As for corsets on men, I have never advocated this venture, it is deceitful.

adelheid_p asks:
Is iced tea a beverage that you would drink?
Pardon me? What!

Liam asks:
One wonders what your perceptions are regarding all those little children who think it "cool" to dress as one of your ilk, spend their nights partying in various "goth" clubs, and spending the other part of their lives living in their mothers basements. Any comments?
One must train up the next generation as best one can and weigh all young persons attire in the great balance of fashionable life. I mean to say, my darling boy, at least they are not sporting those falling-down baggy – dare I even dignify them with the name? – trousers.
* An interjection from Miss Gail who highly recommends the entertaining Goths in Hot Weather or the indubitably vital Gothic Charm School.

profbutters asks:
Can one rely over-much on corsetry? Is there a point when resistance is futile? I am thinking of George IV.
Oh, my, yes.
* Again Miss Gail interjects. She worked as a corset fitter for some nine years and would like to say that it is always worth a try. You would be surprised what she can do with a corset.


Your Moment of Parasol . . .

Your Infusion of Cute . . .
Mysterious Paper Sculptures found in libraries.

Your Tisane of Smart . . .

Your Writerly Tinctures . . .
Some very good advice for new authors.

Timeless: Galleys done, Timeless now in production. The release date on Amazon has been corrected.

Etiquette & Espionage: Handed in second pass edits. Release date Fall 2012.

Secret Project PPA: Announced at WorldCon . . . coming soon.

BIG FAT SPOILER ALERT! Really, DON'T READ THE BLURB ON AMAZON if you haven't read the other books first!

Book News:
Hilarious Video Montage review of Soulless.

Quote of the Day:

"By far the best means of carrying sandwiches with one. Shut up in a tightly-fitting box from the air, they keep fresh far longer, and the bread does not get dry. More than once, after a journey lasting from twenty-four to thirty-six hours, I have found some sandwiches, left and forgotten in their box, as good as when they were placed there."
~ Lillias Campbell Davidson, 1889
Daisypath Graduation tickers


Ah, thank you, Gail and Lord Akeldama, you've improved my day no end.

By the way, Aged Mum is still, I believe, happily reading her way through the first four volumes. I have promised her the fifth as soon as it's available, of course. What's that saying? Ah, yes, "Turn one, the rest are food."
Delighted to have done my bit, and I love that saying!
I remembered an hour or so later (of course) that the correct quote is, "Turn two". What can I say, it was past my lunchtime and I couldn't wait.
Huzzah! Congratulations on the #1! :)

Makes me almost wish I had a Kindle....

....so I could say I took my part.

I did, however, have the entire series recommended in my library's "staff picks" flyer. So at least library circs should be up. Most patrons will read almost anything I recommend because they know I read a lot.

ANYWAY - because I'm a kooky girl I have another (LONG) one for Darlin' Lord A.

Dear Lord Akeldama -

I beg you to forgive the length. I thought of this as a mental exercise while at WalMart to keep my brain from turning to mush. It's been through several mental edits since and somehow ended up longer instead of shorter.

Let's say the creator of such hit reality shows like Kate Plus Eight Ghosts and Jersey Shore Wolves (BTW - How do those female Jersey wolves manage to keep their poofy hair even after transforming?) comes to you with a new fashion/makeover show that he wants you to host.

You get to choose the title to start with.

You also get to choose your human co-host, but you have to choose someone from an already established makeover and/or fashion show.

Your choices are Tim Gunn from Project Runway & Tim Gunn's Guide To Style.

Clinton Kelly from America's What Not To Wear.

Stacy London also from America's WNTW.

Susannah Constantine from the UK version of WNTW. (Which came first, BTW? The American one or the British one?)

Trinny Woodall from UK's WNTW.

But it doesn't stop there! No, seems that scientists have found a way to not only prevent souls from going poltergeist for longer, but can also bring back those who had extreme amounts of extra soul.

So you get to pick any five fashion designers from any point in history you choose - at least one has to specialize in shoes, please - and pair them with any living fashion designer of your choice. Their portion will be to design various items for each person you're making over. Casual, workout, professional, formal, party, vacation, etc. That way you have loads to choose from and of course may mix and match. Like if team one comes up with the best formal wear, but team two has the best wear for painting the house and scrubbing bathroom floors, you can choose a little from each.

Okay - so far the questions are - What's the title? Who will you pick for your co-host? Which designers will you choose and who teams up with who? (Or is it whom? That's always confusing to me.)

Next up - Hair and makeup. Basically the same deal as with the designers but not quite as elaborate. You may have 2 living and 2 formerlies, one pair for hair, one pair for makeup. Whomever you think would make the best teams in their respective areas.

Finally - for your first season you get to choose at least 3, though you may pick more if you wish, people to make over. They may be infamous - IE: Octomom, Danny Bonaduche, etc, a celebrity who's *constantly* on the worse dressed list - someone who even at fancy events always looks like he or she is dressed in things they got out of a high school's lost and found box, or you may choose from any of your many fans - or any mix thereof. After all, a season might contain anywhere from 12 to 26 episodes.

SO - final question - Who(m) would you pick to make over and what sort of clothing would you have your designers put them in? From underwear on up. And yes, you may put them in corsets if you wish. After all it's your show!

Again, please forgive the length. It did help keep my brain from turning to mush. WalMart's not my favorite place to shop, but sometimes we must brave the darkest corners of the earth to get the things we need.

Your ever humble servant,
The gal with WAY too much time on her hands,

As always, utterly lovely to hear from dear Lord A.

And you beat "The Help" on kindle!!!!! That is wonderful!!!! And worthy of many exclamation points, no matter how grammatically incorrect!!!!

Congratulations! :-)
Lovely post! Also, I adore the book sculptor in Edinburgh! There are speculations running rampant but I quite hope we never find out; I enjoy the mystery.

On the subject of absolute power

If the questions and answers propagating above are contemporary as opposed to the question being transported back to the time in which he was a friend to Alexia, then perhaps he has read Songs of Distant Earth by Mr. Arthur C. Clarke, late of Sri Lanka. He proposed that anyone who wanted to run for office could not. If, however some type of temporal conveyance has occurred then perhaps Mr. Clark read Lord A.!

A question on names

In the video review, how was his pronunciation? I haven't got the audio books, but I'm curious about where you put the emphasis in Lyall and Akeldama.
In my head Lyall rhymes with Nile & Akeldama rhymes with...well, nothing, but it's A-KEL-da-ma vs Ackel-DA-ma. Oh, and also MACcon vs MacCON for our dear Fuzzy McFuzzykins.

Re: A question on names

Re: A question on names

Awesome, thank you!