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February 2016



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Hesitation - Shoe Fix

Celebrating Books with Shoes [From Retro Rack]

So I have various little rituals designed to make me write, Fashionable Reader. I'm like a little child ~ I work best on bribery. When I make it through my writing word count for the week (10,000) I can have a cupcake or a couple macaroons on the weekend. Sadly, this has not happened much recently. When I finish a rough draft I get to go out for sushi. But when a book comes out . . . I can buy a new pair of shoes!

This is very exciting to me, as you may have guessed. I have a vast collection of shoes already and so under ordinary circumstances the acquisition of a new pair means I must get rid of an old pair (or I already have because they broke).  But when a new book releases I allow myself the luxury of buying a pair of shoes simply because I want to own them and for no other reason.

So, with the Parasol Protectorate coming to a close and Timeless just arrive on my doorstep I though I might show you which shoes went with which book.


Highly impractical Via Spigas, bought from Nordstrom Rack for c. $50 shown here with the original ARC of Soulless specially printed for the 2009 BEA. These booties have a slightly steampunk feel and I often wear them with my spoon corset at events, which was the first full on steampunk outfit I created. Like Alexia, they are remarkably stable despite a certain element of ridiculousness. Symbolically, in the few years since I bought them I have shrunk from a size 8 to a 7.5, and they are now a bit too loose on me. I keep them around for affection's sake but I'm not certain how much longer they will sit on the shelf. Other shoes are waiting . . . bitter-sweet, given I am about to leave off writing this series, and this was the book and shoe that started the madness.


Perhaps even less practical were the L.A.M.B. green and brown booties purchased for c. $100 from Nordstrom Rack in honor of Changeless. By the time Changeless rolled around, I was fully immersed in steampunk culture and I just could not resist these. I have A Thing about green shoes. And shoes with buttons. I adore many of Stefani's shoe creations, but they are universally brutally uncomfortable. Like Changeless everyone loves the idea, and likes to see them on, but they don't wear well. Changeless is the unwanted baby of my series, and, possibly as a result, one of my personal favorites. So are these shoes. A right pain to wear, but so epically awesome I can't help myself. They come out for short stint occasions and events. I own only one pair of shoes less comfortable than these, and we won't talk about those.


Still expanding shoes for the steampunk world, I decided I needed a pair of brown boots and found these Miz Mooz at Nordstrom Rack for c. $100. They are a little large for me now, but I still wear them. I have considered dyeing the buttons a dark brown, just to make them more fun, but I haven't settled the idea. Like Blameless these are the shoes of necessity that I can't stop tinkering with.


These little wedge sandals are Calvin Kleins, $30 form the Rack. They are remarkably easy to wear. Normally I can't handle Klein's shoes, but for some reason these are particularly comfortable, to the point where I will swap them out for other heals for a break, as if they were flats. I wore them practically non stop last summer, and intend to do it again this summer, and possibly with tights this winter too. Like Heartless they worked out far better than I thought, they tend to go unnoticed or forgotten, but are always well received. Because they have a little flat bit over the toe I have considered devising a way to attach more decorative items like a flower or a bow to each foot, as I do with my hats, so they are more Retro and up market for special occasions. However, like Heartless them may live out their lives serviceable and unexpectedly well-regarded.


And for Timeless, the final beastie, I added these tough studded platform pumps from BCBG, $85. They aren't very retro, or steampunk, but I fell deeply in love with them and decided I would allow myself to be utterly impractical once more in honor of the last book. Like Timeless I've no idea how they will go, how often I will wear them, or whether others will like them, but right now they are my favorite, and I must put the on to find out the answers.


I am lusting over these shoes. Especially the ones for the Timeless book. Shame I have a size 10 W foot...
I loved this post. After reading it I had to go down to Ambiance, Wasteland and Goodwill to check out shoes. ;)

Congrats on the newest pair!
Re. The Timeless shoes - I feel like they need lots of leather worn with them! Lol
Ms. Carriger, if you ever decide to (gasp!) relinquish custody of your Parasol Protectorate shoe collection, you could likely make a mint on selling them to your fans.
As sad as I am to see the series ending, I must say "Va-Voom!" regarding the Timeless shoes! My dear Ms. Carriger, they are, in the vernacular, da bomb!
Great to see this post here, as I couldn't comment on your other blog. ^^

I must say that the Changeless shoes are actually my favourite, because I've never seen something like that in a store here. Ah~ living at the end of civilisation...

The Timeless shoes are fantastic, can we look out for you in Heavy Metal now? ;)
Given my propensity for wearing hand-knitted socks (and the way I now select shoes based on how well they'll display said socks), I've taken to buying shoes a half-size or full size larger than my actual feet to give extra room for something thicker than pantyhose. So I would suggest the Soulless pair are perfect for winter wear, when you can wear something along the lines of cableknit tights or kneesocks (depending on skirt length) to keep your legs warmer.

The Art of Wearing Sky High Boots

I managed to hear Lord Akeldama whisper in my ear while imbibed a bit of coffee on this snowy morning. Always a la mode with the latest fashion on dits, he kindly shared secrets from the colonies.

The Americans have things called Hiking Socks or Walking Socks that are woven extra think on the heel and ball of the foot. They are most excellent when wearing sky-high heeled boots, most especially when said boot is a tad larger than one's foot. The premier American hosier is Thorlos.

Also a small cushion made of silicone, delightful invention, may be added to the ball and heel area of the boot. They are by a Dr Sch-who-or such? The lack of detail is my fault, distracted as I was by the honor of Lord Akeldama deigning to visit me!

A combination of the two has been known to allow the wearer hours and hours of comfortable fashion, even whence standing and walking on concrete for most of the event.

May you regain the joy of your favorite booties. Lord Akeldama is always such a delight to encounter.
I am writing this because I am a desperate woman.

I would very much like to see you at The World Steam Expo (Dearborn, MI) May 25-28 and I have been tying to regester for the convention since January.

Every time I fill out their online regestration form and click to pay I get this message "This transaction is invalid. Please return to the recipient's website to complete your transaction using their regular checkout flow." I can not find an alturnitive method of payment on their site though.

I have tried sending emails to the staff contact list but have not gotten any responses. Do you know anyone on the ConCom that I can contact directly, or an address I can send payment to?

Thank you for any help you can give me.
I will do my very best.
However, as with all things business, an email is best.Please send me all this information in that form. That way I can connect you with them directly. Please drop me a line using the calling card feature on my website.
If that doesn't work for you and I don't reply within a week, the problem is your end, probubly with an IP issue. ~ Gail
so gorgeous shoe! love it!

Marissa, after party shoes