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Blogging - WIth Computer

February 2016



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Blogging - WIth Computer

Etiquette & Espionage ~ ARC Cover Art!

Today I am delighted to reveal to you, Gentle Reader, first on the internet, the Advanced Reader Mock-Up Cover for Etiquette & Espionage: The Finishing School book the first!

This is only the rough version that will appear on the paperback ARC's (not for resale, press only). The actual version will be slightly different and will be hardback! Although we are a year away from releasing this book the ARCs are now out there. So exciting! (Before you ask, professional reviewer and so forth need to go through the proper press channels to get one.)

Amended: Please be aware that review copies will not be sent out to anyone for at least six months.


Your Tisane of Smart . . .

Your Writerly Tinctures . . .

Deportment & Deceit ~ The Finishing School Book the Second: Working rough draft.

Etiquette & Espionage ~ The Finishing School Book the First: Release date Feb 2013. In production. ARC cover now out there!
Manga ~ Soulless Vol. 2: (AKA Changeless) Have seen cover sketch for cover and it is fabulous!

Timeless ~ Parasol Protectorate Book the Last. Out now!

Prudence ~ The Parasol Protectorate Abroad Book the First: Release date Fall 2013.

BIG FAT SPOILER ALERT! Really, DON'T READ THE BLURB ON AMAZON if you haven't read the other books first!

Book News:
Fun little interview with yours truly over on the Civilian Reader blog.

Quote of the Day:
"No animal should ever jump up on the dining-room furniture unless absolutely certain that he can hold his own in the conversation."
~ Fran Lebowitz


I want that wallpaper!

Can't wait for this book!
I agree about the wallpaper! Only something a little more pale but yes that is lovely.
Can't wait for it just as I can't wait for "Timeless" in Poland.
i love the colours & silhouette of the cover art - but the woman's posture is odd..i cant quite figure out why (i think her shoulders are too far back, from her waist? not sure) but it looks odd and rather painful.

might just be me though.
All the covers have been like that. She is always leaning back in the most awkward, uncomfortable looking pose. It bugs me.
"All the covers have been like that. She is always leaning back in the most awkward, uncomfortable looking pose."

i hadnt thought about that, but looking at the covers above...you're absolutely right.

(eep! apologies for any comment wierdness, i couldnt figure out which comment i was replying to!)
I hate all of the covers specifically because of that. They just seem wrong.
It's not just you - my first reaction was "Ouch!".
I think the puff sleeves add to the effect -- make her look like a doll with ball-jointed arms.
Wow, what a gorgeous cover!
The cover looks amazing! I can't wait until the book is finished and available to buy. <3
What a great cover! Time to go through the proper press channels and ask some questions!
Sweet cover!
Well played, I say.
The cover looks amazing! I can't wait to get to read it!
Maybe it's just me but the cover model reminds me a bit of Natalie Portman.

I can wait for the first Finishing School book. I almost regret finishing Timeless as fast as I did. I'm starting the Soulless manga and yes Alexia does have a stunning rack (I kind of wish the entire manga was done in colour. The first few pages were very pretty!)

I also find it amusing how everyone is always positioned just so so that any of the gentlemen's private parts are just discreetly out of view.
Love it gail!
Pre-ordered - don't forget the old adage - 'Don't judge a book by it's cover'
I don't know how I feel about the fact that this will be released in hard-cover first - I want to buy it as soon as possible, but hard-covers are so inconvenient to take with you, and I read most when I am out; not to mention that they are more expensive than soft-covers. But I do want to read it as soon as possible...
Wow, ARCS out nearly a year from publication. That's a long lead time.

I'm surprised that the book is so far along in the production process that ARCs are coming out, when the release date isn't until next year. I thought it was originally supposed to be coming out this fall, too--why the delay?

I'm also disappointed that it's coming out in hardcover. I can certainly understand it from a financial perspective, and I figured it was pretty much inevitable, but I don't know that I'll be buying it. One of the things I loved about the Parasol Protectorate was that I could eagerly rush out and buy the book from a local store as soon as it was released, whereas with hardcovers I instead try to pretend that I don't really care that much about the book, and wait my turn in the library queue, unless Amazon has a great discount.
I don't know why they bring it out so early. I assume it has to do with YA marketing practices.
The original date was my fault, I didn't know "Fall" implied the run through to Feb of the following year in Children's speak.
Most YA (that isn't a small press or self pub) releases in hardback first, for libraries. If it helps your decision, I get better royalties on hardbacks, but I understand if you dislike the format. Hopefully, the MM and ebook won't be far behind.
I'm hoping Amazon doesn't discount it for a very long time, that's often terribly hard on authors.
Oh, does the amount of money you get depend on the price that the store sells it for? I always assumed that authors got a fixed percentage of the cover price, and that stores were the ones losing money if they chose to sell at a discount.

Also, do you have a donation page? I'd rather figure out the difference between what you get for a full-priced $17.99 hardcover and a $12.33 discounted hardcover (seems to be standard Amazon price for new YA books at the moment), and then make it up to you directly--I suspect that I'd still come out several dollars ahead.
The amount of money often depends on the amount that was initially paid wholesale for the books (store's deal with distributor) in bulk (minus remainders) + author's percentage + some complicated mathematical calculation I'm not entirely certain anyone in publishing actually understands. What I'm saying (in the above comment) is that the earnings are often higher to authors on a hardback print run. (Sometimes because there is a better royalty % to author in the contract for hardback editions, sometimes because the the cover price is more so even if the percent is lower it works out to more money over all, sometimes because there is a bonus for selling through the first run or making the NYT and this is usually easier to do with hardback because the runs are smaller and competition less fierce, sometimes . . .). As you can see its all very confusing.

I don't have a donation page, although I very much appreciate your offer. I ask that you instead donate to a podcast of your choosing, or a charity, or your local library.

Generally speaking, the best thing you can do for your favorite author's career is buy their new books as quickly as possible. If your funds or beliefs don't extend to that, an online review is always appreciated. And, of course, I adore fan art.

Thanks again for such a thoughtful question.
~ Gail
I love the design of the cover, but um. That model is way too skinny. I know you as the author don't get much say when it comes to covers, but wow, they're releasing that for YA? Because that's a positive body image? I can't even say she's so skinny because she's wearing a corset, because there's so much definition to her breast there.

But unfortunate cover models aside, I am very excited for the book! I'm trying to savour Timeless now instead of reading it in the first day like I did with Heartless.
ooh i love this cover! the colors, the dress, and that awesome wallpaper. i can't wait for this to come out. does anyone know who the cover designer for this cover is? i would love to check out more of their work.


OMG!It is awesome the cover. I fall in love and my mobile has the cover as wallpaper :)

I need and want this book :).

BTW how was your experience in Spain?Will you come back?

Re: Awesome

I do home so, but not for St. George's day. Too crazy. Will have to see how the books sell.