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Blogging - WIth Computer

February 2016



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Blogging - WIth Computer

Cover Art and Other Considerations

It's been a busy day, Gentle Reader, got my cover art, notes on Book the Second round 2, and a few other jarring bits of news. But the focus has been on the cover.

Soulless is a difficult book to decorate. What with comedic, alternate history, paranormal, romance, and steampunk elements it's hitting a lot of different markers so it can't be easy to choose the cover. This is what they came up with...

I'm not going to say what I think, but it has garnered some interesting reactions from those around me. I have a large, variable and amoeba-like group of friends and the one thing they never lack, Gentle Reader, is a point of view. The general feeling is in favor of the image and the background and against the pink with a topping of rabid hatred for the jarring font/title style. Although one counterargument is that the modern, out of time, feel the text gave to the cover was compelling.

I found myself feeling a little pulp over the text myself and one of my betas claimed it felt a bit teen/R.L. Stine.
Always looking on the bright side, at least it's not this...

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Quote of the Day:
"In the same way that a woman becomes a prostitute. First I did it to please myself, then I did it to please my friends, and finally I did it for money."
~ Ferenc Molnar, when asked about how he became a writer


Kinda fun when it actually happens, isn't it? There you are!
I'm actually trying not to cry over what the did to the piece. ACK!

Now when do I get to read this book that I've been hearing so much about? Does it go up for sale soon on your site or Amazon?
It'll be "wherever fine books are sold" I believe. Ye old amazon and local bookstores should both have it come October. I don't know yet for sure as I haven't got my distribution information (which usually rides on whether the distributor likes the cover).
Really? So much of the decision rides on the cover eh? So we do indeed judge our books that way still. Ack. Well, I shall remain hopeful I'm only critical since I know the original so well. The lovely pal who made my parasol will be so pleased when I'm allowed to show her.
Oh and I don't think it's quite set yet, so keep it out of the portfolio until we know for sure, 'K? I may ask for red instead of pink, if nothing else.
Oh, you got it.
I agree about the pink and I'm normally a huge fan of the pink. Also, the boldness of the type and the big block of pink outline. Maybe they could keep a modern text but tone down the jarring color?
I am coming a bit late to the party, having been out of town all weekend, but I have to agree about the font and color blocking. It looks very similar to a teen series from the 90s called FEARLESS. Perhaps you can share with your publisher the below link: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss_gw?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=fearless+pascal&x=0&y=0